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Definition positioning

Seo (SEO) is all activities aimed at improving the visibility of a page in search engines helps to increase the number of visits, and thus the number of potential customers. The process of positioning the page starts with the analysis of competition and the selection of keywords, then optimize the pages for these words and work to increase the number of links that lead to this page.

Choosing Keywords

key to success is the correct choice of keywords. Now look at errors, you can already commit at this stage:

  • lack of regionalization , a phrase, such as beauty shop - if your page will take a high position in search engines for that phrase, you can count on a lot of inputs, but what is the likelihood that someone from outside of Wroclaw and its environs will benefit from your offer? What you have with this? A lot of inputs that do not translate into an increase in the number of customers and wasted transfer, and above all the excessive spending associated with the competitive positioning as a phrase.
  • too general query , for example, cosmetics - a true word is related to your industry, but how many people type it is looking for a cosmetic salon in your town? In this way, probably looking for a web portal on cosmetics, the parties to kosmetyczek tips, so his visit to your site also quickly completed.
  • too specific words , for example, peeling kawitacyjny , or cavitation - first of all, these phrases are so competitive enough that, in obtaining high should be enough to optimize the appropriate page.

Your page should be referenced to such words, after a visit to the only people actually interested in your services in your town. The correct phrase is, therefore, include: beauty shop Wroclaw, Wroclaw beautician, beauty salon and beauty treatments Wroclaw in Wroclaw .

presented only a few items to be presented as to why the correct choice of keywords is so important. In the case of the effects of positioning, you can wait even a few months , and if after such a long time to know that the page is positioned at the word, which does not benefit you - few jobs will go to waste.

Optimization page

This part should address the webmaster, the optimization part is related to interference in its code. In order to focus its attention primarily on the search engines robots previously selected keywords, place them in the appropriate tags, including: meta, headers, awards, pictures and descriptions of links and, above all, modify the text on the page so that it includes those words. In this issue requires knowledge of the SEO copywritingu .

Positioning site

have chosen your keywords and optimized the site for, you must ensure that others placed on its website links to yours. It should be borne in mind that podlinkowanym words (the so-called anchor text ) should be a keyword, or its variation. There are all sorts of room for the SEO professionals who through their creativity and find ways to attract the most valuable links. In order to get acquainted with the details of such activities encourage you to find a course positioning.