Company directories

Role in the promotion of trade directories company

the needs of small and medium-sized companies go - an online directory of new generation . In one place there are a number of tools to create a professional presentation, which is equal in terms of functional capabilities of corporate website. At the same time it is much shorter and much lower maintenance costs.

In addition to the presentation of data available in the traditional directories are among others description, the definition of activities, a directory of products and services, statistics, traffic, graphic material - logo, and photo galleries - route planner. Entries are accompanied firm opinions of customers and contractors on them, making it easier to decide to use the services of a particular company. In addition, each presentation of the package is your Business GOLD unique and easy-to-remember address subdomenie site.

Adding an entry in the directory means for the company:

  • Own website
  • Low cost
  • possible updated at any time
  • Fast turnaround time.

In addition, it is possible to insert a link to your company page (if the company has), and with stable positions in the search directory, the link also favorably affect the ranking of your site.

What you do not have to waste time and money

  • Finding the right company that will perform page
  • choice domain , whose cost is low only at the time of registration, and is already extended by a few dozen zł
  • choice of hosting , which is not an easy task
  • long wait (several months) for the implementation of the page
  • fee for each hour of work webmaster
  • znaleziene company that will positioning of your site.

Why is this new dimension of internet marketing

First of all, it was a scope of service commitment to the promotion of the companies listed. That's the new quality in terms of paid services that offer a business card placed in the database.

Comprehensiveness handling and range of services before it opens new opportunities for companies associated with the emergence of the Internet. For companies that do not have a web site is the perfect tool to become a professional in the network. On the other hand, companies that have already been, had the opportunity to be included in the search results of two independent sites that promote the company.