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Glossary of terms used on the site

  • Google Adsense - this is Google's advertising system with which to place ads on your page, you can reap the financial benefits depend on the quantity and the price per click. The system automatically matches ads to content pages, which has been added. You are free to adjust its appearance and to filter the ads in it. Google's Adsense contextual advertising displays mainly, but it is also possible to display banners and video ads.
  • Google AdWords - the search engine Google, which allows you to display ads in two places in the search engine - the results search and the right of the results. Payment is accountable for the number of clicks (Pay Per Click - PCC).
  • meta - part of the code contained in the Head. The most important Meta tags from the viewpoint of the parties are positioning title (in which we have included the title page), description (description of the contents of the page) and keywords (phrases, which can be found at the site, probably in the whole tag ignored by Google.)
  • Link (link) - a hyperlink reference to an external page or pages of the same service. It has a name tag between the parties - the so-called. anchor text - which in most places is the key word pozycjonowanej page.
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing - that is, in English in an Internet search engine marketing. SEM is the use of various forms of online promotion, including the positioning of pages in search engines such as Google.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization - setting out the English equivalent of the search engine optimization web pages. The term is commonly understood as SEO pozycjonowanie stron.
  • Search the Web - the page that helps Internet users find their information on the web.