Advertising banners

Banners and buttons advertising - types

Due to the huge number of formats banners will be presented only the most popular of them:

  • banner (placed at the top of the site, usually in GIF or Flash, the weight should not exceed 15 KB and the size of 468x60 pixels)
  • expand banner (banner, which develops after moving the cursor to the standard size of 468x60 pixels to 468x 240 pixels, the weight should not exceed 20 MB)
  • Scroll banner (standard banner, always visible, przesuwajÄ…cy every time I try to scroll the window)
  • Billboard (dynamic banner measuring 750x 100 pixels, built in Flash, usually placed at the top of the site - between the logo and content, the weight of up to 25 kB, also occurs in expand and scroll )
  • skyscraper (the so-called high-rise, put in the sidebar pages, banner dynamic Flash technology with dimensions 120x600 or 160x600, weight should not exceed 20 and 25 kB, also occurs in scroll and expand )
  • rectangle (your ad placed within the dynamic content of size 300x250 or 336x280 pixels and up to 25 MB)
  • button (the lowest form of graphical advertising on the dimensions of 120x60 or 120x90 pixels, displayed on the side of the page, made in Flash, animated GIF, JPEG or PNG, weight up to 10 kB).